Top 5 Highrise Alternatives

5 min readOct 8, 2020


Highrise provides an intuitive system inside a user-friendly interface to monitor and manage consumers, professional contacts, and sales tasks. Built for small companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, for optimal productivity and flexibility, Highrise streamlines team task management and customer relationships.

Looking for the Highrise alternative can be overwhelming, and a little bit tricky for Highrise users. To help you, we have listed the top 5 Highrise alternatives that you can consider when choosing a new CRM. Learn more about each option and pick yourself the best.

Pipedrive is another CRM popularly used these days and Highrise alternative. As Pipedrive is ideal for small businesses on a budget, most power users are from the start-up market. Nonetheless, for solopreneurs and emerging companies that do not have much consumer data, it is a great tool.

Pipedrive has excellent features that allow you to communicate with vendors. It streamlines the contact phase with vendors.

People from sales teams like Pipedrive, as it was built by salespeople, for salespeople. This app is like a personal assistant, as it can help you configure a lot of items that are not allowed by other CRMs by default.

Pipedrive is the best sales pipeline management system for sole vendors and developing businesses, and the robust feature suite offered by the vendor confirms it.

Pipedrive serves as your personal sales manager to help you pick and concentrate on the best events and deals. That’s why the tool is a real blessing for company owners and sales managers, and a practical and successful salesperson application.

Salesforce CRM is a software app that helps you to monitor all customer details and interactions to pursue further leads in one location. To help you improve conversions, it has lead management and marketing automation software. Its powerful integrations with other leading business applications allow you to manage your customer relationship more flexibly.

The leading CRM solution is Salesforce, which is perfect for growing companies and is a great Highrise alternative. As part of its comprehensive sales and marketing solutions under the Salesforce brand, it’s an award-winning application with separate analytics, marketing, application, and group cloud systems.

The Sales Cloud helps sales teams to produce vital models of observations, forecasting, and territory models. Salesforce CRM is the most popular CRM, but it is a complex CRM which needs a lot of technical knowledge to enforce it successfully.

Nutshell is another Highrise alternative. Nutshell CRM is a smart CRM framework that helps sales reps simplify the sales process most CRMs suffer from inspiring sales teams to embrace the program. Nutshell helps small businesses gain more deals, quicker, with its outstanding product and next-door-neighbor service.

If I need to say something in a “nutshell” about Nutshell, it will simplify the sales process. The app is useful for small and medium-sized enterprises. Nutshell lets these organizations quickly earn different deals.

It’s quickly compatible with the Google G Suite / Gmail and Outlook / Microsoft Office. That way, you don’t need to make any improvements to your business software. Nutshell helps you carry out the process from where it needs to be.

The prevalent issue for most CRM applications is that they are not easy for the sales team to run. Nutshell removes this impediment and helps the sales team to manage their operations better.

The program also extends support via email. The premium options developed through Nutshell Pro and Pro+ plans are a great way to utilize added features. The base version also works well, but the meat of the game is in paid plans.

NetHunt is a unique CRM solution for anyone looking for a Highrise alternative. This program offers a new take on the CRM software user experience.

NetHunt CRM transforms your Gmail inbox into a CRM portal. Not only does this small transition allow complete control of your CRM functions through a Gmail account, but the change itself is a great way to centralize sales strategies.

The software is an efficient CRM for email sales, content, and marketing handling. The default integration with Gmail is a nice twist because you don’t have to move between two different apps to do the same thing. Everything can be done and tracked through one Gmail account.

It makes it easy to take follow-ups and provide more marketing and sales materials and content for upsell purposes.

Insightly is designed with two specific objectives in mind — to manage a lot of data and make it as user-friendly as possible. This software provides a new perspective on the user interface of CRM applications.

NetHunt CRM transforms your Gmail inbox into a CRM portal if you need to know it. Not only does this small transition allow complete control of your CRM functions through a Gmail account, but the change itself is a great way to centralize sales strategies.

As a notable Highrise CRM alternative, Insightly is a good contender. It does not back live support. However, via daily phone and email networks, you can have your sales team contact your clients.

Insightly CRM is ideally suited to small, medium, and large companies. Insightly aims to coordinate loads of incoming customers and sales with an easy to understand and intuitive user interface.

The Bottom Line

We introduced you to the top 5 Highrise alternatives with its main characteristics and benefits. We hope that this article is helpful for you and will help determine which CRM solution is the best Highrise alternative.

If you already know which CRM platform to choose, try out our Self-Service Migration Tool and migrate a limited amount of data with no risks and no technical skills required. If you’re looking for alternatives to Salesforce, read this article.




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