HubSpot to Bitrix24: Migrate Your Data with Trujay’s Service

Bitrix24 Short Overview

  • Task Automation. This is useful for large projects. This feature helps to submit and receive email updates, follow up on fast and easy deadlines, and keep up with the improvements and adjustments made to the project.
  • Bitrix24 Webmail. This means that more people can access shared email inboxes via the advanced access authorization system. Bitrix24 Webmail is of particular use to corporations and team members. Alternatively, you can channel emails to appointed CRM managers from current clients.
  • CRM Document Builder. You can create service agreements, contracts, purchase orders, NDAs, shipping manifests, waybills, bills of lading, and more through a single document builder inside CRM.
  • New Contact Center. It has never been easier to access your post, telephony, web widgets, website templates, backup, and open channels. All communication networks are collected in one location by the new contact center.
  • Mobile Tasks. Bitrix24 enabled your smartphone to access tasks. There are plenty of useful indicators available through the Mobile Tasks app, such as priority ranking, task status, deadlines, goals, and evaluation.
  • Expense Tracking. This handy function allows the tracking of expenses, the production of financial statements, reports, and the submission of approvals. Several users can build expense reports, although both can be monitored by the administrator.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Resource Booking. This feature is especially useful for multi-employee service-based businesses. It offers an insight into each of your employees’ up-to-date, real-time schedules, enabling you to schedule and reschedule appointments as necessary.

Migrate using one of Trujay’s Services!

Pre-Migration Guidance

  • Delete all unnecessary data from your existing CRM
  • Check out Bitrix24 Free Trial so that you know how the platform works
  • Manage your backup plan in case you lose some data during the transition
  • Notify your employees about the change in software and provide tutorials

How to Migrate from HubSpot to Bitrix24 CRM

  1. Register your account with Trujay to set up the sample migration process. Visit Trujay’s Self-Service wizard to begin.
  2. Choose HubSpot from the drop-down menu and click the “Connect” button and you will be connected to the HubSpot platform within a moment.

Post-Migration Activities

  • Ensure that all objects are in the right places
  • Test if the relationships between the records are preserved in the correct way
  • Arrange all the different analytics filters
  • Set up custom workflow rules
  • Provide training courses for employees





Anastasiia creates marketing strategies, researches trending topics,and writes content for blog and website to enable the company to take competitive advantage.

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Anastasiia creates marketing strategies, researches trending topics,and writes content for blog and website to enable the company to take competitive advantage.

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