Copper to Pipedrive Migration: It’s Easier Than It Seems

Pipedrive as Your Target CRM

  • A user-friendly and efficient overview of the sales pipeline
  • Well-organized lead collection
  • Ability to select the right activities and deals to concentrate on
  • Extended customization
  • Mobility
  • Timeline View
  1. To get started with the migration from Capsule to Pipedrive, visit Trujay’s Self-Service Wizard.
  2. Log into your existing and future CRMs. It will be a Copper and Pipedrive.

Post-Migration Tips:

  • The records have migrated to the correct fields
  • Links are correctly restored between transferred items
  • Custom workflow rules are created

Trujay’s Guided Self-Service Migration

Another way of migrating from Copper to Pipedrive is our GUIDED SELF-SERVICE MIGRATION.

Wrap Up

Pipedrive is a great choice to improve your business and increase your revenue. However, migrating to Pipedrive requires good preparation and arrangements.



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