Backup Data Tool: Prevent Data Loss and Secure Your Customer Information

4 min readJan 6, 2021

In technology, everything crashes.

Although the computerization of modern America is one of the technology sector’s most outstanding achievements, digital disasters can still occur.

That’s why Trujay has developed a brand new solution to secure your customer data in the event of any crash: the Backup Data Tool.

Why do we call it backup-export?

Because people love to export their data and save it to their desktops, and people also need a system that keeps the data safe outside of their personal, digitized world.

This article will go over how Trujay’s Backup Data tool works and why it’s the best in the biz. We’ll also go over what precisely an export backup solution is and why it’s essential.

Backup Export Tool Designed for Safety and Ease of Use

Trujay’s Backup Data Tool enables users to export historical data and revisions. It also keeps the data secure and provides support for any incident. It’s easy to use and seamless, ensuring no coding and no manual entry. And when you’re acquiring more, you can even backup and export your data continuously.

Backup and Export Specific Objects

Take an inventory of the details you don’t want and delete it from the list instantly. You may also separately have this data stored, just in case. The kinds of objects you can backup and export are not limited; all CRM objects are viable.

Automated Interface

We’ve built the device to suit any form of user’s technical skills. And if you first have expert-level expertise or learn about a backup export solution, all stages are protected by our software! The approach is step-by-step and self-explanatory, but a How-To Guide for you to save is available here.

Schedule Automatic Backup Exports

You should tweak your backup to where your time inclinations would automatically run the scheme. Even as you accumulate more info, we can run the backup export monthly, weekly, or daily.

Robust Recovery and Restoration

Through our system, the whole dataset, including erased content, can be safely restored. Was a link coincidentally deleted? Did you experience a sudden accident or framework error? We will recoup it all.

Trial the Backup Data Tool for Free

We provide a free preview of our export backup. You should check out the app in this way and get an inside gander at how it operates. In general, our prototype makes 10% of the full data to be attempted, with up to 100 records for each piece.

Backup Data Tool and the CRMs it Supports

We support 30 of the most popular CRMs on the market. Not only are we a proud Diamond-Tier HubSpot Solutions Partner, but we’re also partnered and work closely with the following CRM solutions:

Backup Data Security: Our Top Priority

Our protocols for protection are unprecedented. We have four security levels, each of which has a data protection feature. Not only is our method efficient, but every step of the way, we’ll be there as well. We have a very seasoned team of engineers who have designed these levels of protection to secure you.

Physical Security Layer

Physical Layer Security enables the passing of automated access control terminals and observation cameras using a transponder key for day-in and day-out inspection of access courses. Such high-security standards guard against physical and sensitive threats and cataclysmic incidents, such as flames or floods.

Application Security Layer

Trujay offers HTTPS-encoded correspondence, position-based approval, and authorization to guarantee security on the application level.

Network Security Layer

Trujay’s organization security group shields your information from the most progressive computerized assaults. We utilize the best and demonstrated acts of organization security.

Regular Security Audit

To keep away from any vulnerabilities, we regularly check all the frameworks. The brand is continually updated, so all connections with the previous form are logged and reviewed. Throughout the entire backup and export process, we carefully consider your security and assurance that all your CRM data is 100% protected.

We Have Your Back(up)!

To get started on your backup export, sign up for the free sample. To get in touch with one of our experts about a Starter or Professional plan, contact us. If you have questions about how to start, monitor, and modify the process or questions about exporting your data, visit this page. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions. Trujay will “back you up!”




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